TubeMogul’s programmatic video advertising platform puts brands and agencies in control.

We know that persuading a target audience, at scale, with digital advertising is getting more and more difficult. By offering the impact and scale of television with the targeting and measurement of digital, our platform helps brands solve many of those challenges in today’s digital world.

At the core of TubeMogul’s technology stack is our powerful and intuitive platform. The products, tools and features within the platform make programmatic video planning, buying and measurement a reality for brands and agencies of any size. The platform can be accessed from any web browser and supports multi-user login, enabling brands and their agencies to standardize their global video strategy and execution on TubeMogul.


See the TubeMogul platform in action. This step-by-step platform overview gives you an inside look into just how easy it is to launch a global brand campaign from one powerful platform.


Learn about TubeMogul’s transparent product development process. Each month TubeMogul hosts a product “Jam Session” to interface with clients on their current pain points and desired features.

Campaign Planning

TubeMogul’s platform offers an integrated approach for programmatic video buying. Our advertising software allows clients to simplify their media buying process across all screens with access to video inventory on public exchanges and through private deals.

Platform Interface
A powerful and intuitive media buying platform which allows brands and agencies to launch sophisticated video campaigns in minutes.
Global Inventory
TubeMogul connects with the most exchanges in the industry, enabling brands and agencies to buy fully transparent video ad inventory on a global scale.
Audience Targeting
With complete control over more than 10 targeting parameters, TubeMogul helps brands deliver video campaigns with more accuracy.
Ad Formats
TubeMogul enables access to inventory across all video formats including: pre-roll, in-banner (user-initiated), social, mobile, tablet and connected TV.

Campaign Execution

For both self-service and fully-managed clients, the TubeMogul platform is a command center designed to save time and money while delivering campaigns that exceed client objectives. With TubeMogul, launching a video campaign layered with sophisticated targeted and integrated brand measurement has never been easier. Our powerful, real-time optimization and decisioning engine helps fuel brand performance while our uncompromising approach to safety ensures your brand equity is protected.

Media Buying
With TubeMogul, buying video campaigns is simple: choose any video ad format on any device, apply targeting, set a budget, upload a video and launch.
Decisioning & Optimization
Each second, the TubeMogul platform evaluates 200,000 ad impressions, determines which ones would be desirable for our clients, and bids accordingly.
Brand Safety
We take a multi-layered approach to protecting brand equity including manual screening of websites combined with industry-leading technology.

Campaign Measurement

TubeMogul’s platform helps to eliminate some metrics-oriented inefficiencies that accompany a traditional media buying approach with a unified view of performance across campaigns. Comprehensive and granular campaign, audience and video level analytics are delivered in real-time across all inventory sources connected to your campaign and running through the platform.

Audience Measurement
Audience Measurement
Our audience analytics offer information about unique viewers such as age, gender and marital status and are backed by real-time Nielsen verification.
Brand Metrics
Brand Metrics
Understand the true impact of a campaign and get actionable insights with our integrated, survey-based measurement tool, BrandSights.
Video Analytics
Video Analytics
Fully transparent, second-by-second video tracking delivers real-time analytics which allows brands to measure the effectiveness of their video ads.
Built into the TubeMogul platform, our viewability technology tracks if an ad is in view, how long it is in view, active browser windows and more.

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TubeMogul is the video advertising platform that puts brands and agencies in control.
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