TubeMogul’s cross-screen planning software enables you to plan and buy advertising across screens and formats while accurately measuring reach, frequency and impact in a transparent and effective way.

TubeMogul Cross Screen Advertising Planning Software
The proliferation of content across formats, screens, devices and platforms provides new opportunities for brands to deliver their message. At the same time, this shift makes it more difficult for brands to reach their target audiences, who are increasingly fragmented across channels.

Many current cross-screen advertising solutions address only desktop and mobile, but fail to incorporate the channel that occupies the biggest portion of brand advertising budgets: television. TubeMogul’s cross-screen planning software was built to maximize de-duplicated audience reach across linear television, desktop, tablet and smartphone video by delivering the optimal media mix to achieve branding goals.

Plan, buy, measure and optimize your cross-channel advertising to reach consumers in the right place, at the right time during their digital journey.

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