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Intern Insights: What advice would you give to next year’s interns?

With the internship coming to a close, the 2016 summer interns give advice to next year’s group.

With the internship coming to a close, the 2016 summer interns give advice to next year’s group.

Alton Lin: Interning at TubeMogul has been a very rewarding experience, and I’ve learned a lot from the work I’ve done here and the people around me. The two pieces of advice I would give future interns is to take initiative and ask lots of questions. As an intern, there are going to be a lot of things that will be confusing and unclear at first, so it’s important to take ownership of your work and be proactive about reaching out for help or clarification when it’s needed. The surrounding employees are all experts at what they do and are understanding and patient. Asking questions to understand more about what the company is working on and how they approach these tasks is one of the best ways to learn.
Cassidy Hsieh: Enjoy the internship, ask questions, and take initiative. For me, the internship flew by so quickly. I had such a great time working on my project this summer and learned so much. I would definitely encourage future interns to ask questions if anything’s unclear and don’t be afraid to take initiative on getting shit done. If you’re blocked, don’t wait until the next day to ask. Get as much as you can done everyday and you’ll enjoy seeing progress on your project as you go.
Jordan Milner: My advice to the next set of interns would be to not take yourself too seriously. Coming into this internship you may try to impress people by trying to know everything at all at once, and unless you’re some kind of super human, you probably won’t. Nobody is expecting you to know everything, everyone who started here started from somewhere and had to learn from other people. Take your time and really learn what TubeMogul does as a company. You’ll learn a lot more if you let your guard down, instead of telling people you know everything. This allows you to get the help you need on problems, which will help you get your work done faster. Good luck, have fun!
Kurush Dubash: My internship at TubeMogul has been an absolutely great growing experience. The most important piece of advice I could give would be to ‘act like a sponge’. At TubeMogul, there are so many creative and smart individuals working together on a unified vision. Being able to soak in as much information as possible and learn from both their coding abilities and thought processes is greatly beneficial to your experience. Always be willing to learn and be open to ideas and conventions. Likewise, asking question will really help you throughout the process. Keeping a clear line of communication with your managers and peers is important in getting the most out of your internship. Last but not least, practice your Ping-Pong skills! TubeMogul is a fun place to work and the downtime is just as rewarding.
Richard Xu: The biggest piece of advice I have for next year’s interns is to not be afraid and really go for it. If you want to do a project, push a change, or make a change, talk to your manager or your coworkers and do it! I felt that despite the work that I’ve done this summer, I could have accomplished much more had I not been scared to ask more questions or present an idea because I thought it might not be the best one.

Luckily, the RTBsys team made it easy for me to talk to the rest of the team, so that I didn’t spend too much time worrying. They’ve really encouraged me to ask questions when I didn’t understand parts of the code, because the code base is so large it would take more than 12 weeks just to read every line. They also gave me an open ended project so I had to ideate and through many rounds of the idea, came up with a deploy tool.

So don’t be scared like I was. We’ve passed the interviews, the talks, the screenings, so ask questions because the people here want to help each other. Let them know your ideas because they really do want to hear them.
University Programs Manager
August 12, 2016
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