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Programmatic TV PRO RES – HD

Programmatic TV
TubeMogul’s PTV technology enables brands and agencies to buy TV ads using software. With our industry-leading programmatic TV buying solution, you can gain access to inventory and audiences unavailable through traditional TV ad buying.
  • Please verify that final files met the file specifications outlined below before submitting. Common issues include the following:
  • Incorrect 5.1 audio configuration
  • Video glitches
  • Extra frames at the beginning or end of a spot
  • Inaccurate or incomplete slate information
  • Audio content (Stereo or Dual Mono)
  • The specifications outlined must be met exactly in order to comply with station and publisher requirements. Incorrectly formatted files will be subjected to potential rejection.


Master File Specifications
Stream Type Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) -- 1920x1080 23.98p or 60i 48kHz, 1280x720 60p 48 kHz
Width/Height 1920x1080 (1080i) 1920x1080 (1080p) 1280x720 (720p)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Pixel Aspect Ratio Square
Frame Rate 29.97 (1080i) 23.98 (1080p) 59.94 (720p)
Video Bit Rate Default
GOP Default
Chroma 4:2:2
Interlacing 1080i (Upper/top field first) 1080p (Progressive) 720p (Progressive)
Audio Type PCM
Audio Sample Rate 48 kHz
Audio Bits / Sample 16 bit or 24 bit
Audio Encoding SMPTE 302M
Channels 2 channels or 8 channels
Channel 1 Left Front
Channel 2 Right Front
Calm Act -24 LKFS, +/- 2dB
Peak Audio Below -2dBTP
General Specification and Requirements
Content Layout
    Required File Structure

  • No Pre-Slate Black
  • 5 seconds of slate
  • 2 seconds of black/silence
  • Content to exact length
  • No post-spot black
Slate Requirements
  • Slates must be on all content
  • Spot ID Code (ISCI/Ad-ID)
  • Spot Title
  • Spot Length
  • No Audio
File Naming Conventions
  • The filename should be the ISCI or Ad-ID code with no spaces, dashes or other characters, plus “.mpg” or “.mov”, for example “ZYWX9876.mpg” or “”. Additionally for HD, the filename should also include an “H” at the end to identify it as an HD spot; for example, “ZYWX9876H.mpg”. The “H” in the ISCI is required in the slate as well. Please note: It is very important to note that an HD spot is marked as HD within the site metadata when uploading to the SSP partner.
Safe Title, Closed Captioning, and Miscellaneous Guidelines

  • Supers should be within the borders of safe action or 90% viewing area
  • HD Spots must be Center Cut Protected
  • HD Spots that are not Center Cut Safe will be letterboxed when down-converted to SD

  • If sending HD files with closed captions, masters must be sent with a frame rate of either 29.97 fps or 59.94 fps (23.98
    fps is not currently supported)
  • The first trigger for closed-captioned files must be married to the first frame of the video
  • The first closed captioned line should be “paint on”
  • If HD or SD spot is closed captioned, it must be notated within the metadata

  • Disclaimers must be legible
  • Only submit one spot per file
  • We will not accept spots that include any of the following encodings: Spottrac,VEIL, or Teletrax
  • We prefer “clean” spots with no encodings
  • Note: A correctly formatted 30s spot will have a total duration of 37 seconds (include slate and black frames) and a total
    of 1109 frames at 29.97 fps. In other words, the start of the video content will be at the 7 second mark with no black
    after the video content.
  • Note: The spot must start on frame 210 at 29.97fps (frame 168 for 23.98 fps). Creative content must run to the last
    frame of the spot with no black at the tail for total of 1109 frames at 29.97 fps (or 887 frames for 23.98fps) unless the black is a part of the content. There should be no extra frames after the creative.