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Web View Attachments

Web View Attachments
Snap Ads Web View expand on standard Snap Ads (Top Snaps) with the capability to swipe up to view a web page that is instantly loaded. These ads appear in Discover and in Between User Stories.


Execution Timeline
  • Snapchat will add a visual CTA (a caret) at the bottom of the Top Snap. For each creative, a CTA should be chosen from the following: MORE, PLAY, READ, SHOW, VIEW, SIGN UP, SHOP NOW, ORDER NOW.
  • Snapchat includes the word "AD" in a fixed location at the lower right corner of creative.
  • For approved advertisers, turnaround time to set up campaign is 2-3 days
For the most up-to-date specs for Snap Ads, please see here.
Ad Serving
  • Web View can be Adobe Ad Cloud hosted or an external link
  • Top Ads to Web Views page execution via Snapchat API
  • Tracking Capabilities
  • 3rd Party Tracking Capability & Pixels: Case by case consideration. Please contact your Adobe Ad Cloud representative for inquiries
  • Restrictions and Requirements


    • Single destination URL per Top Snap creative. No auto-redirects to another domain and click tags are allowed
    • Destination URL must be mobile Safari and mobile Chrome compatible
    • Destination URL must successfully pass https:/ and load in less than 6 seconds on (using any of the AT&T settings)
    • Total initial page load size must be less than 2mb.** Loading a limited amount of additional assets asynchronously after page visibility has been set to true is permitted.
    • All webpage tracking occurs site-side by advertiser
    • As Snapchat preloads the webpage, in order to ensure the most accurate page analytics (such as visitors, session time, etc.), all tracking on the destination URL should be fired only after the page is visible
    • Content approved for a 13+ aged audience


    • Click-tags or auto-directing of destination URL to another domain
    • URLs with auto-playing video or audio
    • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter URLs
    • URLs that automatically ask for native device permissions (i.e. location), or access the phone’s native functionality (i.e. the camera, photo gallery, or microphone)
    • URLs that require Snapchatters to login to other social platforms
    • URLs that automatically redirect to the App Store (including iTunes) or specific apps
    • Deep linking into other apps
    • URLs that obscure content of the page to promote app installation
    • Ads on the initial destination page
    • Prestitial “Loading” pages on initial destination
    • Featuring of Snapcodes or Snapchat username on webpage
    • URL contents should not be modified during the course of the campaign without being reviewed by Snapchat
    • URLs cannot automatically redirect to another URL that will be modified during the course of the campaign without being reviewed by Snapchat