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Vertical Video

Vertical Video
Below you will find a detailed set of specs and standards that we recommend you use when creating Vertical Video ads for use in the TubeMogul Platform. The Vertical Video ad format plays full screen portrait video on your mobile device which is automatically in-stream, on app load, between game levels or periodically during app use.


Standard Assets Required
Max Ad Length :15s
Max File Size 500MB max, upload to TubeMogul’s Platform
Unit Size 720x1280
Resolution 9:16
Ad Format Quicktime (.mov or .mp4)
Video Bit Rate 24 FPS or 30 FPS
Execution Timeline
If Adobe is altering your standard assets into a vertical video assets allow 3 business days for execution.
Inventory Sources:
  • Please reach out to Julia Nagel or Lauren Phillips a week in advance to source vertical video inventory
Ad Serving:
  • Yes (via VAST tag) – VAST response should include 3 video formats (minimum): mp4 and flv and webm
  • TubeMogul serves an ad every time so we don't bid with an empty tag
Ad Preferences:
  • MRC Standard
    1. VAST 2.0
Tracking Capabilities
  • 3rd Party Tracking Capability & Pixels: Accepted
  • Tag Preference: Standard
  • Tracking Pixel: Impression & Click Redirect
  • Please ensure that all pixels and tags are SSL compliant (https). This does not apply for click through URLs and click trackers. Failure to provide secure tags and pixels may result in delivery issues.