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Mobile Web Display

Mobile Web Display
Below you will find a detailed set of specs and standards that we recommend you use when creating mobile web display ads for use in the TubeMogul Platform. A mobile web display ad is one that appears within mobile web inventory.


Standard Assets Required
Max File Size 30 KB
Unit Size 300x250
Resolution At least 960x540px (16:9) or 960x720 (4:3)
Ad Format JPG, GIF, PNG
1x1 Accepted
3rd Party / TM Served 3rd Party (Sizmek & DFA)
Execution Timeline
Allow 3 business days for execution
Ad Serving:
  • Supports 3rd party MRAID tags
Tracking Capabilities
  • 3rd Party Tracking Capability & Pixels: Accepted (Sizmek & DFA)
  • Tag Preference: Standard
  • Tracking Pixel: Impression & Click Redirect
  • Our platform will not be able to track clicks for DFA’s IMG and HREF tags.