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Mobile App Display

Mobile App Display
Below you will find a detailed set of specs and standards that we recommend you use when creating mobile app display ads for use in the TubeMogul Platform. Mobile app display ads appear within mobile app inventory.


Standard Assets Required
Max File Size 15 KB
Unit Size 320x50
Resolution At least 960x540px (16:9) or 960x720 (4:3)
Ad Format JPG, GIF, PNG
Frame Rate 24-25 or 29-30 FP
1x1 Accepted
3rd Party / TM Served 3rd Party (DFA Only)
Execution Timeline
Allow 3 business days for execution
Ad Serving:
  • Supports 3rd party MRAID tags
Tracking Capabilities
  • 3rd Party Tracking Capability & Pixels: Accepted (DFA Only)
  • Tag Preference: Standard
  • Tracking Pixel: Impression & Click Redirect
  • Our platform will not be able to track clicks for DFA’s IMG and HREF tags.