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Case Study: Essure Ensures Both Genders are Listening

TubeMogul's audience targeting capabilities capture engaged viewers


Essure recently launched a campaign promoting its nonsurgical permanent birth control solution for women. The campaign was designed to drive viewers to Essure's YouTube channel, where they could view additional videos and learn more about the procedure.


While Essure is a procedure designed for women, this campaign targeted both male and female viewers. The video was featured in click-to-play display units on premium sites and in select social media games and applications. Only one version of the creative was used, but unique call-to-actions were created for this campaign. One overlay directed men to learn more about Essure's noninvasive birth control solution for women if they weren't ready to take the dive themselves. The other overlay prompted women to take the initiative if their partner would not. The two versions were placed on sites corresponding with different male and female verticals.


Leveraging TubeMogul's powerful audience targeting capabilities, Essure garnered astoundingly high clickthroughs on the overlay banners from both genders. Viewers who clicked on the overlay were taken to the brand's YouTube channel where they could watch more videos about the birth control solution. Click-to-play units saw a CTR nearly 5 times higher than the benchmark of similar campaigns and social media CTR was over two times higher than the benchmark.

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