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Case Study: Range Rover "Evoques" Actions

Highly interactive video ad unit achieves broad, multi-region engagement


Land Rover, the famous manufacturer of luxury sport utility vehicles, recently ran a multi-country video advertising campaign in order to build awareness and drive customer interest in the automaker’s latest line of SUVs: the Range Rover Evoque. Mindshare, the automaker’s agency, comments “Land Rover required a new approach that brought to life the innovation and uniqueness of their bold, new vehicle...To extend the campaign’s reach, we turned to TubeMogul. ”


Leveraging TubeMogul’s top inventory partnerships, the ads were placed in a select list of premium Facebook games to reach target audiences in the United Kingdom and United States. To encourage viral sharing and discovery, the ads were served in YouTube players, with views accruing to Range Rover’s YouTube channel. To maximize interactivity, TubeMogul also layered in multiple components that viewers could access directly from within the video player: a contest form with the chance to win an iPad, a link to the Evoque microsite, a mobile app download, Facebook and Twitter share buttons and a signup option for the Range Rover newsletter.


As the campaign ran, PlayTime automatically shifted budgets to the better performing markets and placements to maximize signups, shares, and overall ad engagement, with great results:

  • 59% in the U.K. and 74% in the U.S. completed the entire 90 second video.
  • Over 4,500 qualified newsletter signups, a submission rate of over 3% in both regions.
  • 3,000 actions such as social shares, clicks to the microsite and app downloads
  • 125,000 YouTube channel views

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